Diesel Diagnostic Tool

A diesel engine diagnostic software usually is used by technicians to test and check the fuel pump and filter controls, as well as to tune and adjust the air fuel mixture to meet preset goals, usually for increased horsepower. The ultimate objective of diesel engine diagnostic software, therefore, is to help in the smooth running and optimal performance of the diesel engine throughout the vehicle's life. There are many reasons why these software programs are important. They include the following:

* Increases performance. The most obvious reason for having an engine diagnostic software program is the increase in horsepower and mileage that it provides. This is because the software provides quick access to trouble codes that are associated with specific problems. For example, if a code indicates that the oil pressure is low, the software can provide easy access to a low oil pressure solenoid valve or its resetting. The user then can determine that problem is with the oil pressure rather than with the engine or other mechanical parts.

* Helps in idle air control. Having a diesel engine on the job site today requires the operator to have access to a complete set of tools. Being able to rely on a reliable diagnostic software program to monitor and track engine performance and injector conditions will make the job easier by eliminating guesswork and possibly save the day. Some of these programs will even alert the operator if there is an issue related to the waste injectors. With the estimated time left for the truck to achieve top speed, that operator will know when to engage the idle air control mechanism. Check out this cummins software to know more. 

* Automotive PC applications are designed to interface with many others such as trucking, gas station, tire and brake companies. By using a common data interface, these systems can share critical information that can prevent problems before they occur. For example, a trucking company may discover that their truck breaks down because the oil pressure is low. By running a PC application designed to monitor the vital parameters of the many others that make up the fleet, the company will be alerted immediately when something is wrong. For Paccar diagnostics, go here.